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How Schools Can Help Promote Good Sleep in Kids

Every parent and teacher must know that sleep is essential for growing kids. Without which, they end up lagging behind in some activities that are considered vital for their growth. Aside from this, their diet is also something that must be focused on very keenly,¬†but there are some kids out there that not only need supplementation with the right¬†sleeping aid, but make lifestyle changes to get better sleep. All of these factors work together in harmony to realize a child’s healthy growth and development. Now that they spend most of their hours in school, teachers must work towards seeing to it that children’s sleep is not interrupted or interfered with. Here are some pointers on how schools can help promote better sleep habits in kids.

Be Consistent

Kids have a way of mastering routines that go on around them. They know just when it’s time to have a snack, to play and of course, to sleep. This makes it easier for schools to lay the ground rules and ensure that all is well with the kids. They must set the timeframe to suit the children’s regular routines.

For instance, when the clock strikes 2 pm, a child automatically knows that it’s time for their nap. Schools are the institutions where children are taught to embrace specific disciplines. Consistency happens to be one of them to get to the required goal. When they get home, the parents are required to pick up from where the school left off. With time, parents can look forward to a happy and healthy child who is ready to face the rest of what life has to offer.

No Games Before Sleep

kids playing gamesThe children will find it hard to sleep after running around playing games. If anything, they are supposed to be sitting down figuring out how to fit the blocks together or some other calming activity that doesn’t involve running around. It should be a rule that all schools should adopt to ensure that children are on the right track. Let them know about this rule beforehand and make them understand the reasons behind it all. When they do, it will be easier for them to cooperate and go to sleep when it’s time to do so. They should sit and be calm for an hour or so before nap time.

Quiet and Fairly Dark Place

The teachers have to place blinds on the windows if they have to. As soon as everyone is lying in bed, they have to make sure that all is still and calm. Not even the sound of a phone ringing must be heard. From there, the children will figure out that it’s time for sleep and nothing else. With this kind of environment, kids are assured of a smooth sleeping process. This is one effective way of ensuring that all they have learned is internalized. Besides, the teachers can go about other quiet activities while the children are sleeping. After about an hour or two, they are all set to wake up and go home for a snack or something else.

No Sugary Snacks

They can have these after their nap rather than before it. When they have sugar before bed, it will make them hyperactive, and sleep is going to be the very last thing on their minds.

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